I am an industrial designer who brings iconic and original products to life. I like to bridge the gap between design as a problem solving and innovation driven practice and design as an artistic and cultural phenomenon.


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Internship, summer 2023, Malmö

Valeur Designers
Internship, spring 2023, Copenhagen

Holscher Design
Internship, fall 2022, Copenhagen

Propeller Design
Internship, summer 2022, Stockholm

Teenage Engineering
Internship, winter 2019, Stockholm

Coaching and mentoring high school
students in industrial design
Junior Design Academy, Umeå, fall 2020


Umeå Institute of Design
MFA in Advanced Product Design, 2021 – 2024

Umeå Institute of Design
BFA in Industrial Design, 2018 – 2021 

Designskolan Öland
Preparatory design & arts studies, 2017 – 2018

Designgymnasiet Stockholm
Technology, design & product development, 2014 – 2017

Naval navigation
Medborgarskolan Umeå, fall 2019

Life drawing & sketching
Folkuniversitetet Stockholm, fall 2017


Hypebeast – Disco Volante
"Music Hovers in Space With the Disco Volante Record Player"
Fast Company – Disco Volante
"This clever record player concept mounts directly..."
Design Milk – Disco Volante
"The Disco Volante Turntable Revolves Around Identified Flyi..."
Designboom  – Disco Volante
"Vinyl records hover in oscar olsson’s fully automatic, wall..."
Domus  – Disco Volante
"A turntable that looks like a wall-mounted typewriter..."
Intramuros Magazine Issue 15/3/2024 – Disco Volant
"Platine disque vinyle Disco Volante, design Oscar Olsson..."
Intramuros Magazine Instagram – Disco Volante

"Découvrez Disco Volante!"
Opumo – Disco Volante
"Designer Oscar Olsson has done it again..."
Design Burger – Disco Volante
“By dissecting each individual component of the turntable..."
Megosu – Interview
"Don’t smack up a wall of Post-Its just because..."
Keyshot – Baxter
"Oscar had the opportunity to work together..."
Design milk – TT-90 System
"TT-90 System Turntable Will Drive You up the Wall"

Yanko Design – TT-90 System
"This Wallmounted Record Player Syncs to Your Phone..."
Gadget Flow –  TT-90 System
"Oscar Olsson´s TT-90 System wall-mounted record player..."
DesignWanted – Tiles
"A unique product that lets you connect deeper with your..."
Yanko Design – Tiles
"Elevate the way you experience music with this interactive..."
Megosu – Tiles
"Experience music in a different way"
STIRpad – Tiles
"Tiles introduces a unique and engaging analogue music..."
Blog Esprit Design – Tiles
"Quand le son devient interactif" 

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