Making a design reality

This two week design sprint was about modelmaking.
I designed a battery powered multifunctional tool that could go from screw driver to grass trimmer to secateurs. To challenge myself I wanted to make the model as realistic as I could, with right materials, tactile buttons and interactive functions. 

Project: Umeå Institute of Design
Participants: solo
Time span: 2 weeks
When: spring 2019


Can it be different?

The MT–3 (multi-tool, 3 functions) is a case study on why common products have to look a certain way. I wanted to rethink the layout of a battery powerd hand held tool, in order to stimulate myself when it comes to new ways of thinking. 



I saw this project as a great opportunity for me to get comfortable with machining equipment, in order to not let a certain production method decide on how a design turns out. It was challenging but rewarding. 


A striking design

With the matt black finish, the perforated, naked aluminum casing, and the alarming accent red, the tool really becomes a statement of something different.


Highly functional

The distinctive architecture offers a logical way of using the tool. With easy access of the battery, clear graphics and a comfortable grip, the user knows directly how to interact with it.

Learning outcome

– Improved modelmaking skills
– Learned production methods
– Thinking one step ahead

Being my first time using heavy machining equipment, I learned the value of accuracy and patience. The project also taught me about different production methods that are used in the industry,  and how I as a designer always have to keep these in mind when designing. 

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