SC Vega

The future of sea rescue

My bachelor thesis revolves around how to use modern technology in order to design a remotely controlled rescue vessel that can facilitate SSRS during less urgent missions, so-called membership missions, or preventive rescue missions as they are also called. These missions make up the majority of the organizations missions.

Project: Bachelor thesis
Collaboration partner: Swedish Sea Rescue Society

Participants: solo
Time span: 10 weeks
When: spring 2021


The majority of all assignments performed by SSRS are member assignments. These are assignments that are not directly urgent, but which must be solved in order not to later cause an emergency. These cases have lower priority than alarms as it may be danger to life.

How can I design a remote-controlled sea rescue vessel that facilitates sea rescue during membership assignments?


SC Vega, Support Craft Vega, is a remotely controlled rescue vessel tailored-made for membership missions. It enables rescuers who are physically unable to participate in sea rescue to do so, and at the same time makes it easier for rescuers on site so that they can more easily focus their resources on more serious missions. SC Vega offers the person in need of help a series of functions and tools that can solve the majority of the problems that are the cause for membership missions.

The project has been carried out in collaboration with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and has followed a classic design methodology based on research and interviews with people who touch on the chosen problem area. A big inspiration source during the project was my tutor Fredrik Falkman, industrial designer and head of innovation at SSRS. Back in 2002 he proved that a student can make a contribution to sea rescue when he designed the Rescuerunner, SSRS´s tailor-made jet ski. This motovated me to develop a concept that would contribute to the future of sea rescue.



En route to the person in need of help the SC Vega cruises with its hydrofoils to conserve energy.


Retractable arm

The arm makes it easier for the person in need of help to reach the different tools, and it also assembles them at one spot.


Interactive tray

The interactive tray offers the person in need of help a series of tools: diesel and petrol pump, towing line, radio, water pump and battery start.


Ejectable water pump

If water pumping is needed during towing the smart water pump can be ejected from the SC Vega and placed in the boat.



Thanks to SC Vega´s stable catamaran construction,
strong engine and a well positioned drag point,
the vessel if excellent for towing.


Learning outcome

– Planning and time management
– Value of a well executed research

The biggest learning from doing my thesis was to plan and then execute a 10 week project. It really makes you understand what comes into developing a pruduct, and what could be common traps. Also that a well executed research is the backbone of a well executed project.

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